December 14-16, 2018

Registration opens November 28 and closes December 12

Friday PM - December 14  ||  7-9pm Pacific10pm-12am Eastern
Focus on Rest

Leader: Shinzen Young
Type of Program: Special Theme
Prerequisites: None
Fee: $10 per person 

Learn how to find/create pleasant restful states in all three sensory systems: visual, auditory, and somatic.

If you say “meditation” to the average person, they will probably get the mental image of someone sitting cross-legged on the floor trying to mellow out and release stress. Many – perhaps even most – traditional forms of meditation involve focusing on such simple, soothing experiences. There is a good reason for that. It creates a positive feedback loop; the more you concentrate on soothing rest, the more soothing it becomes, thereby motivating you to concentrate even more. This positive learning loop creates snowballing growth in your concentration power.

Restful states are frequently present in daily life, but most people fail to notice and enjoy them because they have neither the concepts nor the vocabulary needed to recognize them. This program will change that.

In preparation for this program, please:

Saturday AM - December 15  ||  8am-12pm Pacific / 11am-3pm Eastern
Introduction to Spontaneity

Leader: Shinzen Young 
Type of Program: Foundations
Prerequisites: None
Fee: $20 per person

In this program, you’ll learn 4 techniques that express the primordial perfection:

  • Auto Move

  • Auto Speak

  • Auto Think

  • Do Nothing.

Each of these trains a new relationship to your motor circuits.  Auto move and auto speak get you in contact with playful spontaneity in the way your body moves and the way sounds and words come out of your mouth.  Auto think trains you to notice when the wisdom function is spontaneously present in your thinking. The more you notice that, the stronger it gets. Do Nothing trains you to let go of controlling where your attention goes.  This will take you back to the state of early childhood when your senses functioned spontaneously as part of the effortless flow of nature.

In preparation for this program, please:

Saturday PM - December 15  ||  1-5pm Pacific / 4-8pm Eastern
Transcendence Training

Leader: Shinzen Young 
Type of Program: Deepening
Prerequisites: Previous experience in working with expansion & contraction / arising & passing.
Fee: $20 per person 

In this program, we’ll go more deeply in the theme of Fundamental Flow, i.e. arising and passing / expansion and contraction. This represents Shinzen’s latest way of integrating the theme of Anicca as it’s described in Theravada Buddhism with the theme of Buddha Nature as described in certain approaches to Zen. This represents an approachable way to touch the formless perfection that precedes, follows, and pervades each sensory experience.

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Sunday AM - December 16  ||  5-9am Pacific / 8am-12pm Eastern
Duration Training

Leader: Shinzen Young 
Type of Program: Accelerator
Prerequisites: Some previous experience with Noting Techniques
Fee: $20 per person

Sooner or later physical discomfort becomes an issue for everyone.  Shinzen’s unified perspective on mindfulness provides a variety of techniques that can be used in combination as a kind of algorithm for dealing with that challenge.  In this program, you’ll explore how to use Focus In to deal with your mental and emotional reactions to physical discomfort and explore how to use Feel Out for turning toward the discomfort and “penetrating” it.

If physical discomfort is an issue for you at the time of this program, you can apply the guidance to that discomfort. If you have no physical discomfort at the time of the program, you are encouraged, but by no means required, to explore the tradition of “strong determination sitting” (yūza).  This involves sitting for long periods of time without intentionally move (but never to the point of objectively harming the body).

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Sunday PM - December 16  ||  10am-2pm Pacific / 1-5pm Eastern
Dealing with the Holiday: Windows and Walls

Leader: Shinzen Young 
Type of Program: Special Offering
Prerequisites: Some previous experience with techniques that invoice Noting and techniques that involve Nurturing Positivity.
Fee: $20 per person

The holiday season can create a lot of emotions (both positive and negative). It can also activate a lot of samskaras (old habit forces--once again, both positive and negative). So, this time of year represents an important “situational accelerator” for deep work.

In this program, you’ll learn how to get M3 (Maximum Meditation Mileage) out of your holiday experience—from shopping, to being with family, to maintaining practice during festivities, dealing with travel and traffic, through transforming habitual responses, dealing with frustrations, and deepening bliss.

In preparation for this program, please