Danny Morris

I first came to mindfulness practice from a deep interest in the nature of mind and the nature of reality. Having a strong scientific background, physics was the primary way I understood why things were the way they were. When I first learned of the complimentary relationship between the most recent insights in quantum physics and the insights that have been gained for centuries through meditation, I was instantly hooked. When I was introduced to Shinzen and the Unified Mindfulness paradigm, I was drawn to the system because of its scientific nature and comprehensive overview of practices from various traditions. Unified Mindfulness has been the foundation of my meditative practice for the last 7 years. I also had the great honor of being a research participant in Shinzen's first scientific study using Unified Mindfulness at Harvard medical.

Continuing to explore, I began studying yoga with Kathy McNames through the Yoga Vermont teacher training. In addition I completed the Anusara Yoga Immersion with Todd Norian and Ann Green and the Self Transformation Program at Swami Rama's ashram in Rishikesh, India, integrating my knowledge of mindfulness with the physical practices of the energetic body. I also began teaching Mindfulness at IBM where I hoped to give engineers the tools to develop an innovative mind. Through teaching Yoga in the local Burlington community and mindfulness at IBM, I had realized that teaching mindful awareness practices is what gave my life the most meaning and fulfillment. So in 2012 I quit my job and left for Thailand, Nepal and India to deepen my practice with a year in full time retreat.

During that time I became certified as a teacher of "Cultivating Emotional Balance", a program developed by Alan Wallace and Paul Ekman as a response to the Dalai Lama's request from a Mind and Life conference on destructive emotions. I also attended a 2 month retreat on shamatha and the four applications of mindfulness with Alan Wallace who has been a major inspiration on my practice. As I continued to travel from retreat centers to various monasteries to study and practice, I met many amazing teachers from various traditions who all contributed to my knowledge and experience.

Upon returning home I joined the residential mindfulness training at the Center for Mindful Learning led by Soryu Forall, which is the first full time practice center using the Unified Mindfulness system. I now continue to practice full time at CML while teaching mindfulness to youth through the modern mindfulness program.

Check out more about Danny at his website,  http://embodytrue.com/mindfulness/.