February 8 - 10, 2019

Registration opens January 23 and closes February 6.

Friday PM - February 8  ||  7-9pm Pacific10pm-12am Eastern
The Formless Realms (a.k.a. The Formless Jhanas)

Leader: Michael Taft
Type of Program: Special Offering
Prerequisites: None, except curiosity and openness.
Fee: $10 per person

This will be a chance to learn and practice meditation on the formless realms.

There is no preparation for this program. 

Saturday AM - February 9  ||  8am-12pm Pacific / 11am-3pm Eastern
Intro to ULTRA

Leader:  Chris Trani
Type of Program: Foundations
Prerequisites: None
Fee: $20 per person

ULTRA (Universal Library for Training Attention) is Shinzen’s latest formulation of contemplative-based, psycho-spiritual growth. It arranges all the world’s focus techniques into four training quadrants:

  • Appreciate Self and World – Experience the senses with radical

  • Transcend Self and World – Contact something beyond the

  • Express Spontaneity – Develop energy, bounce, and creativity in what you do, say, and

  • Nurture Positivity – Selectively attend to positive emotion, rational thought, positive behaviors, or archetypal ideals. Refine your personhood, and be of service to others. 

In addition to learning details about the new formulation, you will also have a chance to sample one representative technique from each of the four quadrants.

By the end of this program, you will have a clear vision of how the world’s meditation techniques interrelate, and you will have learned two contrasting but complementary techniques for developing mindful awareness.

In preparation for this program, please:

Saturday PM - February 9  ||  1-5pm Pacific / 4-8pm Eastern
Spontaneous Source

Leader: Danny Morris 
Type of Program:  Cross Training / Deepening
Prerequisites: Experience with: Do Nothing, Be Space, Be Source
Fee: $20 per person 

In this program we will be exploring a blending of the spontaneity quadrant and the transcendent quadrant. In that latest year end retreat I came up with a variation of the Be Source technique that uses a more passive stance, that is a blending of the attitude of Do nothing, while evenly covering space and allowing for the spontaneous expression of source in the forms of arising and passing or expansion and contraction. I would love to share it with you :) 

The goal of the program will be to point to the expression of source, in either its arising and passing form, or expansion and contraction form. We will be doing a series of special exercised designed to lead to a resting in source and allowing it to express spontaneously with out effort.  

In preparation for this program, please:

Sunday AM - February 10  ||  5-9am Pacific / 8am-12pm Eastern

Leader: Jeff Warren 
Type of Program: Special Offering
Prerequisites: None
Fee: $20 per person

This 4-hour mini-retreat is about how valuing simplicity can transform our meditation practice and our lives. Many times I’ve heard Shinzen say how we begin with trying to fit meditation into our lives, but over time, we find a figure ground reversal happens: our lives become more meditative.

In part, that means they become simpler.  Amidst the growing complexity of our entanglements, we can find ourselves starting to appreciate simple things. Things well done. Simple pleasures once overlooked in the hectic momentum of our busy lives. 

And this can happen in our practice too. Just inhabiting a body, just breathing, just being - all of these can be experienced as having an inherent fulfillment deeper and broader than any judgement. This Sunday afternoon, we keep it simple and see what happens.

Shinheads: Respect the Man, Resist the Grid!

There is no preparation for this program.

Sunday PM - February 10  ||  10am-2pm Pacific / 1-5pm Eastern
Exploring Time and Space - Two Core Mirages of the Mind

Leader: Janusz Welin 
Type of Program: Special Offering
Prerequisites: A familiarity with See / Hear / Feel and Rest is helpful, but not required.
Fee: $20 per person

When we use meditation to examine the way humans perceive the world, there are two very persistent holograms that affect and often shape our experience: The experiences of time and space. 

  • Time: Our sense that there is an ongoing chronology with a past and a future that we are moving through.

  • Space: a sense that we are located within a field of objects and environments that contain us and shape our world.

These two experiences construct our sense of self and world so totally that beginning to observe them can feel like a fish discovering water. But, through careful observation, deconstructing these experiences can give us insight into the nature of human perception and give us valuable tools on the path of awakening.

In this unit we will clarify and possibly learn to step away from the bounds of conventional time and space. 

Note: Talking about this topic can sound very “woo woo.” But for this exploration we won’t need to exit the realm of reason and standard mindfulness techniques.

There is no preparation for this program, although helpful reading: