April 7-9, 2017

Registration opens March 22 and closes April 5.

Friday PM - April 7 ||  7-9pm Pacific10pm-12am Eastern
Focus Out

Leader: Shinzen Young
Type of Program: Drill
Prerequisites: Some previous experience with Noting.
Fee: $10 per person 

Learn how to focus on physical sights, physical sounds, and physical body sensations. In daily life, we are constantly looking, listening, moving and touching. The Focus Out technique will allow you to stay deep and anchored even while going about complex activities such as driving, working, or talking to people. It’s a systematic and tangible way to experience the Power of Now.

In preparation for this program, please:

Saturday AM - April 8th  ||  8am-12pm Pacific / 11am-3pm Eastern
Positivity Blast

Leader: Shinzen Young 
Type of Program: Drill
Prerequisites: Previous experience with at least one 'Nurture Positive' technique.
Fee: $20 per person

In this program, you will deepen your ability to find or create positivity around the following four themes:

  • See Good (positive behavior change);
  • Hear Good (adaptive, rational thought);
  • Feel Good (positive body emotion); and
  • Be Good (identify with a positive ideal, archetype, or avatar).

In preparation for this retreat, please:

Saturday PM - April 8  ||  1-5pm Pacific / 4-8pm Eastern
Expression Training

Leader: Shinzen Young 
Type of Program: Foundations
Prerequisites: Some Previous experience with Noting.
Fee: $20 per person

In this program, you’ll learn 4 techniques that express the primordial perfection:

  • auto move,
  • auto speak,
  • auto think, and
  • do nothing.

Each of these trains a new relationship to your motor circuits.  Auto move and auto speak gets you in contact with playful spontaneity in the way your body moves and the way sounds and words come out of your mouth.  Auto think trains you to notice when the wisdom function is spontaneously present in your thinking. The more you notice that, the stronger it gets.  Do nothing trains you to let go of controlling where your attention goes.  This will take you back to the state of early childhood when your senses functioned spontaneously as part of the effortless flow of nature.

In preparation for this retreat, please

Sunday AM - April 9  ||  5-9am Pacific / 8am-12pm Eastern
Motion Challenge

Leader: Shinzen Young 
Type of Program: Drill/Accelerator
Prerequisites: Previous experience with at least one meditation technique.
Fee: $20 per person

People often complain that they’re able to get in deep states during formal practice but are not able to maintain those states in daily life. There’s a lot to be said about this but one suggestion is to work smart by creating for yourself “motion challenge sequences.” The idea is simple. Take any meditation technique you relate to and attempt to maintain it through a sequence of progressively more challenging and/or complex activities. Stay with each stage for however long it takes you to get as deep as you were in the previous stage.

Here's an example. Do a technique of your choice while...  

  1. Lying down
  2. Seated eyes closed
  3. Seated eyes open
  4. Standing
  5. Slow walking
  6. Faster walking
  7. Walking in a sensorially impactful environment
  8. Doing simple exercises
  9. Doing more complicated exercises
  10. Washing dishes
  11. Cooking a simple meal
  12. Cooking a more complicated meal
  13. Carrying on a vacuous conversation
  14. Watching low-impact TV
  15. Watching high-impact TV
  16. Carrying on a substantive conversation
  17. Carrying on an emotionally charged substantive conversation

Your goal is to work up to the point where you can be as deep in situation #17 as you are in situation #1. It's like weight training, you build it up gradually. This may seem like an awful big homework assignment but you have the rest of your life to turn it in!  

During this program, we will alternate periods of self practice in motion with periods of guidance and discussion.

In preparation for this retreat, please:

  • Think ahead about what types of tasks you will use as motion challenges during this program and prepare the environment if need be (see list in description or come up with your own). Consider having a clock or timer nearby to stay on schedule.
  • Read An Outline of Practice
  • Review any other relevant materials you’d like.

Sunday PM - April 9  ||  10am-2pm Pacific / 1-5pm Eastern
Cross-Training Mega Blast

Leader: Shinzen Young 
Type of Program: Drill
Prerequisites:  Previous experience with:

  • All four of the core Appreciation techniques: Just See, Just Hear, Just Feel, and Note Everything.
  • Expansion and Contraction,
  • All four of the Positivity techniques: See Good (positive behavior change), Hear Good (adaptive, rational thought), Feel Good (positive body emotion), Be Good (identify with a positive ideal, archetype or avatar). 
  • All four of the Expressiveness techniques: Auto Move, Auto Speak, Auto Think, and Do Nothing

Fee: $20 per person

The Mega Blast involves working cyclically with each of the four core training themes within Shinzen’s new Universal Library for Training Attention (ULTRA). The four core trainings are: Appreciation, Transcendence, Positivity and Expressiveness

We’ll start by stepping through the core techniques for sensorially Appreciating self and world: Just See, Just Hear, Just Feel, and Note Everything.

Then, from the Transcendence quadrant, you’ll work with the techniques that point directly to the primordial great perfection that’s behind and around each experience of self and world: See Source (expand & contract in the visual field), Hear Source (expand & contract in the auditory field), Feel Source (expand & contract in the somatic field), Be Source (expand & contract in everything).

After practicing that for a while, you’ll work with the techniques that train spontaneity and bounciness in what you do, say, and think, i.e. Auto Move, Auto Speak, and Auto Think.  After that you’ll express faith in your primordial perfection by Doing Nothing.

Finally, we’ll end by stepping through four Nurture Positivity techniques: See Good, Hear Good, Feel Good, and Be Good.

In preparation for this retreat, please: