“Noticing that we’re alive is a taste that adults have to reacquire.”

Daron Larson

Daron Larson helps people feel more at home in their lives through attention training. He loves working with people who are new to mindfulness or have given up because they’re convinced they’re doing it wrong — an idea he got to explore in a TEDx Talk

He stumbled into a silent meditation retreat in October 2002 (wrongly assuming that noble silence would be the greatest challenge) and has been practicing daily ever since. He has attended retreats with Shinzen regularly since 2003 and has participated in research projects related to the Unified Mindfulness framework.   

Shinzen’s multi-sensory approach to investigating the components of subjectivity with greater objectivity continues to fascinate Daron, and it provides him with an unlimited variety of ways to investigate liberating insights through direct experience. He is energized by sharing the many practical, customizable strategies he has learned.

In addition to working with individuals, Daron speaks, leads workshops, and teaches classes in hospitals, businesses, and community centers in Ohio. His friendliness resistance training exercise adapts the traditional loving-kindness meditation by using elements of Shinzen's model. He shares discoveries related to attention, perception, and empathy on his Attentional Fitness Training website, the Insight Timer app, Instagram, and Facebook