June 9 - 11, 2016

Registration opens May 24 and closes June 7.

Friday PM - June 9  ||  7-9pm Pacific10pm-12am Eastern
Nuture Positivity

Leader: Shinzen Young
Type of Program: Drill
Prerequisites: Previous experience with Positivity techniques
Fee: $10 per person 

In this program, you’ll work with positive inner states.

  • See Good – create and hold positive mental imagery.
  • Hear Good – create and hold positive mental talk.
  • Feel Good – create and hold pleasant body emotions.
  • Be Good – all three at same time.

When you become skilled at Nurture Positive practice, you can selectively attend to positive emotion, rational thought, positive behaviors, or archetypal ideals. This will help you to refine your personhood and be of service to others. It dramatically changes the way you relate to the world…and the way that the world relates to you!

In preparation for this retreat,

Saturday AM - June 10  ||  8am-12pm Pacific / 11am-3pm Eastern
Introduction to Transcendence - Part 1: Arising and Passing

Leader: Shinzen Young 
Type of Program: Foundations
Prerequisites: None
Fee: $20 per person

In this program, we’ll explore a deep experience of impermanence:  "arising and passing".   This represents an approachable way to touch the formless perfection that precedes, follows and pervades each sensory experience.

In preparation for this program,

Saturday PM - June 10  ||  1-5pm Pacific / 4-8pm Eastern
Focus on Spaciousness

Leader: Shinzen Young 
Type of Program: Drill
Prerequisites: Some experience with the theme of Spaciousness
Fee: $20 per person 

Explore the openness that surrounds each sensory experience and a thinness that pervades it.   This represents Shinzen’s re-working of the Theravada Formless Absorption practices and the Tibetan Spaciousness practices.  As a Drill Program the emphasis here will be on training strength and endurance through repetition.

In preparation for this program:

Sunday AM - June 11  ||  5-9am Pacific / 8am-12pm Eastern
Duration Training

Leader: Shinzen Young 
Type of Program: Accelerator
Prerequisites: Some previous experience with Noting Techniques
Fee: $20 per person

Sooner or later physical discomfort becomes an issue for everyone. Shinzen’s unified perspective on mindfulness provides a variety of techniques that can be used in combination as a kind of algorithm for dealing with that challenge.  In this program you’ll explore how to use Focus In to deal with your mental and emotional reactions to physical discomfort, and explore how to use Feel Out for turning toward the discomfort and "penetrating" it.

If physical discomfort is an issue for you at the time of this program, you can apply the guidance to that discomfort.  If you have no physical discomfort at the time of the program, you are encouraged, but by no means required, to explore the tradition of "strong determination sitting" (yūza).  This involves sitting for long periods of time without intentionally moving (but never to the point of objectively harming the body).

In preparation for this program, please:

Sunday PM - June 11  ||  10am-2pm Pacific / 1-5pm Eastern
Feel Great!

Leader: Shinzen Young 
Type of Program: Special Offering
Prerequisites: Previous experience with at least one of the following techniques: Feel Rest, Auto Move or Feel Good.
Fee: $20 per person

In this program, we’ll explore the interplay of three techniques that tend to create an immediate pleasure reward in your body:

  • Feel Rest – Find and/or create somatic rest.
  • Feel Bounce (in the form of Auto Walk) – Tune into spontaneity as you walk around in daily life.
  • Feel Good (i.e. Nurture Positive Body Emotion) - Create and hold pleasant emotional sensations in the body.

In preparation for this program, please:

  • Review from the 5 Ways Manual:
    • Chapter 3: The Way of Tranquility, pp. 35-45 ;
    • Chapter 5: The Way of Human Goodness, pp. 67-69
  • Watch YouTube: ‘Auto Walk’