Marcy Crawford

Marcy is a full-time mindfulness trainer, retreat leader, and private coach. She is an instructor for Pathways, the Level 2 mindfulness coach training in Shinzen's Unified Mindfulness system. She also enjoys responding to questions and facilitating discussion on several message boards - a component of her responsibilities as the Director of Coach Development at Unified Mindfulness.

After considerable work in other therapeutic, self-help, and spiritual modalities - and more than a little wandering and teacher shopping - Marcy first met Shinzen at a public talk in 2004 and participated in the Home Practice Program from its inception in 2008. She began attending silent retreats when her children were 2, 5, and 15 years old. Her first meditation retreat had such an impact that she knew immediately the practice would become the cornerstone of her life.

Since 2012, Marcy has attended over 20 intensive retreats, discovering an affinity for Rinzai Zen and a resonance with Advaita Vedanta along the way. Having continually deepened her own practice while a school board president and mother of three, Marcy identifies with the challenges most people face once they aim to incorporate practice into their busy lives. She loves to help others discover how their everyday experiences can be alchemized into a powerful practice.

In addition to her work for Unified Mindfulness, Marcy leads a local sitting group, teaches classes in a variety of environments including corporations and schools, runs retreats, and provides one-on-one coaching to individual practitioners as well as mentoring to other coaches.

For more information, please see Marcy's website, or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for a social media experience of nurturing truth.