Join Shinzen Young's monthly Home Practice Program weekend retreats and meditate with people from around the world via conference call. 


  • Easy access to quality facilitators, instruction, and support.

  • Improved regularity of practice increases the likelihood of exponential growth.

  • Home delivery enables extended retreat time without travel expense.

  • Variety of offerings fosters broad and deep psycho-spiritual transformation.

How it works:

Each retreat weekend typically includes:

  • Five independent programs offered during each practice weekend.

  • Each program is organized around one or a combination of focus techniques.

  • Special themes are offered regularly, such as managing physical discomfort, etc.

  • Each month will include 1 or 2 programs that require no previous experience whatsoever.

Each 4-hour program typically includes periods of:

  • Instruction and guided practice.

  • Group Q & A / Discussion.

  • Self practice.

For more information, including how to access the classes, visit the FAQ page, specifically how to ‘call’ into the sessions HERE.